Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Finally. After 3 months of absolutely zero excitement in our lives Nolan and I finally found something noteworthy to talk about. Ok, that was a lie. Our lives are exciting but not necessarily blog-worthy. But thanks to Halloween we were able to find an excuse to update you all.

This year at my new job I was informed that I was required to dress up for Halloween, which turned out to be quite the dilemma since I wasn't feeling at all festive. But thanks to my amazing employee discount I was able to score a last minute costume for only $3.50! That definitely made Halloween a little more exciting. I was just a lady bug nothing exciting but I tried to get into it. I even painted my fingernails red with black polka dots. The day of Halloween Nolan was feeling a bit discouraged because I was all ready to go and he still didn't know what to dress up as. He also needed to dress up for work but didn't have a costume. But he was determined to find something absolutely awesome. And that he did.

Let me just tell you the story as it happened.

So I'm at work handing out candy to all the little kids and I get a telephone call from Nolan. He asked, "Where do you keep your black nail polish? and ugh.. how do you make your eye make up run?" I sat there stunned. I knew exactly what was going on and I didn't know how I felt about it. This is what happened.

He went as an Emo. Oh the shame. Especially when he showed up at my work (as I'm helping some young innocent girls) to buy a magnetic lip ring. But honestly I had to give him credit because he pulled it off beautifully. Well as beautifully as it can get being an emo. He got the swooped hair, bandana, eyeliner, fake peircings, cut wrists, black fingernails, homemade emo band t-shirt all the way down to his grafetti converse sneakers.
This is my favorite because he looks like he's really playing the part but really I just took the picture as he was blinking. He looks so sad :(. Emo through and through.I must say I am proud of my husband. Whenever he sents his mind to something he goes all the way. Never forgets any minor detail. How lucky am I? Way to go babe!


Kelsey said...

Hahahahahaha this is awesome. You are an adorable lady bug and Nolan makes a great emo. That's hilarious. Seriously, I find that so creative. And he got it down. Way to go Nolan.

Mikey said...

finally an update. glad to know you're alive.... and i hope nolan lives at least another year, but i'm a little nervous about his cutting habits. you might want to get that checked out. I approve of the lady bug, not too flashy, not too plain, just right.

maremee said...

You look adorable as an insect. Nolan is impressive. How did he end up getting his makeup to run? I've always struggled with that. :) I miss you!!

Julie said...

love it love you miss you

Keegan said...

i wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself