Saturday, August 1, 2009


So Nolan & I (mainly I) have decided that we need to come up with a new title for our blog. We need something catchy that people can remember so if you have any cool ideas send them our way. We already came up with a few pretty lame ideas (I think we got caught up on only using "G" words). I bet you can't tell which options Nolan threw out.

-G is for Garrity
-The Gangsta Garrity's
-Goodness Gracious its the Garrity's
-The Grateful Garrity's
-The Garrity's of Gryffindor
-The Great Garrity's
-The Griping Garrity's

So if you have any other ideas or think one of these should be the winner send it our way!


Kessler Garrity said...

Gas-filled Garritys (for Nolan), Good-looking Garritys, Gracious Garritys, Generous Garritys or my personal favorite taken from the old quaker and amish folks God-fearing Garritys

Kelsey said...

Goodness gracious its the garrity's. decision made.

Julie said...

not ghastly, not grotesque, just the gosh dang galliant garrity's. long? yes. spelled wrong? probably. just an idea.

maremee said...

do my eyes deceive me or did the garrity's update?! that doesn't need to be your title ... that was just my shock at seeing you up high on my list, but you could use it if you wanted.