Sunday, October 11, 2009

They finally got hitched

So after dating for I think 6 years, Riley and Kelsey (two of my really good friends) finally got married. Nolan and I were really excited to be able to go and be apart of it. Nolan got a chance to get to know all my friends a little bit better, which turned out to be a hit. Some random older couple that we were sitting by at the luncheon, who couldn't stop laughing, commented on how lucky I am to have a husband with an incredible sense of humor. I guess on those occasions when I want to punch him for not being serious, I need to remember how lucky I apparently am.... Anyway's here's a few pics I snapped to document the day.

In other non-related news, Nolan had a few days off from work after the wedding and was able to spend some time in the kitchen again. He made me some delicious broccoli cheese soup and then made an amazing chocolate box. Seriously I felt a little tipsy after..


Julie said...

funny guy, perfect wedding, delicious food. life is good!

verification word: aquatown...sounds like a great place

Kelsey said...

aw we loved having you guys be a part of it all! that couple commented to us about how funny he was too. haha. we sure do love you, thanks for everything!