Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Quarter of a Century

We made Nolan's 25th birthday this year so big that it had to be a two day celebration. The night before we went bowling, dinner and then the summer carnival. Which the carnival was a waste of time. No one ever told me that it was impossible to win those games. Those carnies are silver-tongue devils. Scam artists if you ask me.

But back to the point. Bowling was a lot fun. We were the only ones in the bowling alley which made us feel kinda special and I played an amazing first game by Amber standards. I got 4 strikes! but I balanced it out with 5 gutters.

He takes bowling seriously, always brings his bowling glove.

My jazz hands celebrating one of my many amazing strikes!
Look at that form. You'd think he's pro. But I actually beat him the first game.

On the second day of celebrations (on his actual birthday, the 24th) we met up with our friends Corey and Julie and went up to play at Bear Lake and the Minnetonka caves. The caves were surprisingly a lot of fun. Despite being 40 degrees inside and having a super awkward tour guide it was all worth it being in good company.

To describe how awkward our tour guide was. She told us that she was going to "treat" us to one of her specialties of singing in one of the biggest caves. Corey recognized it as an EFY song which was amazing he recognized it despite her singing it opera style. It felt quite awkward, especially with it echoing in the cave.
We were so glad that Corey and Julie came along with us and we had to give major props to Julie for toughing out those 444 stairs (each way) while being preggers. The rest of us struggled but she didn't even complain. We're so excited/happy for them.
We ended the day with a short trip to the lake to jump in and get wet. We also had to pick ourselves up some classic, Bear Lake famous, raspberry shakes. It wasn't even my birthday and I had a blast!


Kelsey and Riley said...

ohh yay it sounds like ya'll had a blast! i'm so glad. miss you guys. hope to see you soon! tuesday in fact.

maremee said...

Well you look adorable. Happy Birthday Nolan! Glad you guys went all out on this monumental 25th birthday. Miss you!