Monday, September 12, 2011

A look back at summer

Since graduation Nolan and I have had a somewhat eventful summer. We took a little trip to Vegas to make up for our first 3 anniversaries always taking place during the middle of finals week. Don't worry we didn't waste our time gambling, but Nolan did win $30 off a nickel machine and he was pretty proud of that. It was a great getaway and Nolan is constantly asking me when we are going back. In fact he wants to go back with some cool friends... so if you're cool.. let us know.

In July we had the awesome experience of going to Guatemala with my family for my cousin's wedding. It was such a neat experience and its always humbling to go to another country where the culture is so different and many live in extreme poverty. Nolan was able to meet a lot of my family from Holland that we rarely get to see and it was great to spending time with them.While we were in Guatemala we were able to see some great things while we were there. Nolan spent a lot of time exploring downtown Guatemala City and making daily trips to the market. Nolan and I were also able to visit the historical city of Antigua which was really cool.In our last day in Guatemala we took a short plane ride to the ancient Mayan city of Tikal. The ancient city was located in the middle of a rainforest and it was cool walking through and seeing some monkeys and some crazy looking insects. We had a great tour guide that really explained the Mayan history to us and helped us understand how impressive all the ruins really are.
We were able to climb all around the ruins and temples which was really neat. At the very end of the tour we climbed all the way to the top of the highest temple which overlooked the top of the rainforest canopy.
When we got back to our normal life we found out that we needed to move out of our apartment as soon as possible. Nolan and I were so excited for the push to get us out of that tiny little basement apartment to a more "grown up" place. Our new place still has tons of quirks but we're finally getting settled in. Its away from campus so we're surrounded by all kinds of people and families, instead of just students.

My in-laws, Kim and Rick were able to come over labor day weekend for the blessing of our new nephew. While they were here Kim shared her talents, and her sewing machine, to help me make curtains for our new place. The curtains look great and our place is starting to feel more homey. We still have a ton of unpacking to do, but we're slowly getting there.

It's been a pretty exciting summer and since we're not in school anymore, Nolan and I don't even feel like summer is even over. We're still having fun and staying busy but I'm pretty excited for the fall.


Kelsey M. said...

i want to see those curtains! loved the update. love you guys.

Edwards Family said...

That's awesome that you guys have been able to do so much this summer! Guatemala is beautiful! Good luck getting settled into your new place!