Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baby update + family photo

Mila is doing so well. She's a pretty happy baby as long as we feed her and keep her entertained. She is constantly wanting to be in a position where she can hold her own head up and check stuff out. She will hear mom or dad's voice and crane her head towards them. She definitely knows her mamma and papa and loves us.

We finally gave her a bath and thanks to the towel swaddling technique she actually loved her first bath. She cried when it was over.
She's also one of the most stylish babies around

My sister came this weekend to help out and took some spur of the moment family photo's that turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Thanks Vanessa.

We've also had so much help over the past several weeks. Rick and Kim came and Kim was such a huge help when I was so sick after delivery... we honestly probably wouldn't have survived had she not been here to help take care of Mila. My parents came several times and were such a huge help and I'm not sure anyone loves Mila more than Opa (besides Nolan and I of course). And once my sister came I felt so good that we were able to get so many projects done around the house and I've never felt more productive.

We absolutely love Mila. Daddy is definitely smitten with his little girl. She already has so many cute little quirks and personality traits. She'll definitely be a happy camper once she's old enough to move around and explore her world. We love her and are so glad she's here, happy and thriving.


Logan said...

She is so sweet! I need to come up and see her and kiss those cheeks!

laura said...

amber, your little one is so sweet & you have a beautiful family :)