Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time for the update

so i know many of you have been dying to know whats been going on with us as well as see some pictures of our recent adventures. no need to worry, i'm finally figuring out this blog thing and so i no longer have an excuse. after re cooperating from the wedding madness we made straight for the east coast, which also required some re cooperating time because of the incredibly long drive. but we made it and we started working right away. while nolan starting installing for apx i also began working for them in the office which gave me the opportunity to sort of work with nolan as well as kill lots of time. although we've run into a bit of trouble (with nolan not being licensed in maryland) we still both have jobs in the meantime until they kindly find us another office to work in.

since we've arrived here i've become really antsy especially being coope
d up in an office all day. i've tried numerous times to convince nolan to go site seeing on our only day off. however, since nolan works really long and hard throughout the week he only wants to sleep on his day off. but i have been successful a couple of times. the first sunday we were here nolan and i went to downtown baltimore to "size it up." the bay area is really fun and pretty with waterfront restaurants and shopping, with huge ships. its pretty neat and we'll have to go back and take some pictures. we were also able to go to washington d.c. another sunday with a friend of ours john cronan. it was really fun seeing all the big monuments and sites but i must admit i didn't know how much walking was involved and i wasn't prepared. needless to say i kinda wimped out.
nolan and i in front of honest abe.

nolan showing his oregonian pride.

the classic view
(which i am here to testify that it is a long walk between the lincoln and washington memorial)
i'm glad nolan and i were able to get a little taste of our nations capitol. its funny how nolan lived in washington d.c. all last summer and never once went to go see the sites. my father would be so ashamed if he knew. we're looking forward to going back and going to some museums and hopefully some other real neat things. i hear the zoo there is amazing.

one of the things nolan and i have decided we are going to do over the years is go through as many different temples as we can. so we were really excited to finally get the ch
ance to go to the washington d.c. temple. its so pretty and old but the best part about it is the scenery outside. it has tons and tons of trees surrounding it with paths that weave in and out around the temple with secret fountains and gardens. it was really neat. what was ironic though is what we saw on our way to the temple.

this would be the seventh-day adventist WORLD headquarters.
luckily we continued on our way and found what we were really looking for.

we're the two ants standing in front of the temple.
all in all our adventures thus far have been fun and good for the both of us. hopefully we'll be able to do a few more exciting things around here before they ship us off to a new office. like go to the original hershey chocolate factory, or see the amish, maybe even NYC. we'll see what we can do!


Kelsey said...

I'm so glad to see your update! It looks like you guys are having so much fun out there, that is awesome! I miss you dearly!

maremee said...

AMEN to the long walk from the Washington monument to the Lincoln one. I miss you!

Mikey said...

i saw a wonderful special about the amish last night. You know how when they are teenagers they get to go live life a little bit and decide whether or not they truly want to be amish? anyways, they showed this kid who ran away from home... and he was crazy. they speak a different language and he was just socially awkward...much like myself. SO... you should definitely go visit the amish. you would love it. and i love reading about your exciting life as i sit here at my lame job. the end.