Thursday, July 24, 2008


This year I asked Nolan what he wanted for his birthday and all he said was, "Surprise me." So since I was limited on time and transportation I made a homemade bday poster and added some color to our pad. He was so surprised when he got home...Well actually this is him re-inacting his first responses because I didn't have the camera out in time. Pretty close though.. looks totally believable
He was so excited he even ate his candy before I could document it.. and if you know Nolan, you know he loves candy!

Nolan showing his enthusiasm about the sweet poker set he got for his birthday. Which I'm excited about, because that'll give me an excuse to practice up for my 21st next year. It came in a pretty sweet metal titanium briefcase with foam padding and swede for the chip holders making it look completely legit.

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Kelsey said...

Ya'll are gonna have to teach us how to play poker quick...cause our 21st is in a month. And when I say our I'm referring to me and Mare. ha.