Monday, May 4, 2009


So school is officially out for the both of us, and for the first time in what feels like ages we can finally be lazy and do whatever we want without feeling guilty about it. We're actually having a hard time getting used to all this free time but trust me we'll figure something out. We've got plenty of Harry Potter to read before the 6th movie and some serious tennis skills we need to work on to keep us busy this summer.
So I've finally come to accept that we no longer have any real excuse to neglect our blog. So wish us luck and hopefully we'll get this blogging thing all figured out. But here's a little catch up on whats happened the past couple of months..
We went to Portland/Tacoma(WA) for spring break! (Gotta love the Saturday Market crowd)

Finally talked Nolan into visiting the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. Pretty sure he can no longer make fun of my obsession with how awesome glass art is. Don't be surprised if you hear Nolan and I someday becoming professional glass artists. It might happen.

We also got a chance to see my sister and her family again just recently, which is blog worthy because anyone who knows us knows how much we love our nephew Bobby. Definitely our favorite nephew (for the time being.. pretty excited for Keegan & Martha!) Nolan really enjoyed teaching Bobby new innocent phrases which actually sound pretty profane. You can imagine the laughs we had over "dump truck" (hint: sounds like dumb f..) and "push it" (hint: bull.. well you get the picture). Leave it to Nolan to be the first to corrupt Bobby and drug the poor boy with Fun Dip.
But that Bobby sure is dang cute. And really loves his uncle No-No.During the same visit from Vanessa & Chris my family was finally able to take a family picture after 14 years of no offical family documentation.Nolan and I also hit our big one year mark. Thats right, we just had our one year anniversary. Boy how time flies. We were actually fortunate to spend our anniversary by going to the marriage of Nolan's friend Mike Geurts in the Bountiful Temple. It was awesome to have that reminder of what we did exactly one year ago, it was a very neat experience. I wish we could celebrate our anniversary like that every year.
So here's to another year (and of course many more)!
And maybe we'll actually try to blog more regularly this year!


Kelsey said...

YAY I'm so glad you finally updated :) even though I already knew most of all this. It's still fun to see it on the blog. Love ya.

Mikey said...

welcome back to the blogging world.

Martha said...

Love all the pictures!! I'm glad we got to spend part of your anniversary with you too :-)
Also glad to know that at least the girl will become the instant fav niece and both will be equally corrupted by all the Garrity brothers! haha