Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So I don't normally blog about things that don't have anything to do directly with Nolan or myself. However, I found an exception. Anyone who knows me knows I used to be quite the dancer back in the day. So naturally one of my favorite T.V. shows is 'So You Think You Can Dance.' Every season there are always a couple of familiar faces to me, however, this year it's more than just a familiar face. Randi Evans (or known to the rest of us Randi Lynn Strong before she got hitched) and I both danced at the same studio and are only a few years apart. And since I can't ever watch the show (we don't get TV reception in our basement) I hope you all vote for her because well she's stinking amazing and she totally deserves it! Plus, I'm sure there are some of you out there that owe me favors! haha Just kidding.


Kelsey said...

Most def!

Mikey said...

i totally thought of you when i discovered she was from orem.... i like her. and i like you. the end. that'll be you next year :)

Julie said...

you can watch most of the episodes on youtube! i just discovered this last night cause i can never watch it. maybe our aerobics teacher will show up again this season. what a treat :)