Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boring update

Well another year has come and gone. Where does the time go? (I feel like everyone's been saying that lately, sorry about the cliche). Nolan and I have vowed to not make any resolutions this year because we've noticed how those don't really stick. I secretly made some personal "goals" but I'm not telling anyone what they are because I don't want to jinx it.
Honestly, life isn't too exciting for us these days. Keegan asked me what my new upcoming hobby is going to be and unfortunately I couldn't come up with an answer. In the words of Nolan that'd be "LAME -(dash) O!" But I guess for now my hobby, or should I say chore, is finishing up school. I only have three more semesters(fingers crossed) and it looks like I'll be studying for the GRE this summer. No promises though.
Nolan's life's pretty exciting though. His new obsession is hockey both roller and now ice. Unfortunately I found out a little too late how bad hockey gear smells. Seriously, had I known how bad it would contaminate our apartment before this all started I may have put my foot down. But oh well, he loves it, and he has health insurance now so thats all that matters to me...
Well nothing else to report. We're boring college students trying to get by and finish up this chapter of our lives.
But Nolan did take me snowboarding again. We're trying out the "work hard and play hard" technique of life. So far I'm okay with it.


Kelsey and Riley said...

ambs!! you need to post like this more often. i love reading about your lives. and i love seeing pictures. soo happy you posted. and congrats on being so close with can do it! and props on the snowboarding too. something i've always wanted to do. glad you're playing hard! you can't get by any other least in my opinion. :) love you guys lots.

Abby Jo said...

Hey Amber! I found your blog and just wanted to say Hi! Congrats on school! It will fly by so fast! You look great and hope we can stay in touch!

Abby Jo