Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Trip Down Stephens Road

Yes that's right my dad grew up on a street named just for his family(But that's only because they were the only one's who lived on the street).

Last weekend Nolan and I were graced by my parents presence and had a lot of fun. For a while I'd been wanting to go to Bancroft, ID. where my dad grew up to show Nolan and to visit my grandparents grave. Of course my dad was game, cuz who could resist a trip down memory lane?

So we drove up Sunday and visited the grave sites and drove around the full one block of downtown Bancroft (population 300) while my dad relived his childhood. Some of my favorite stories included:
-Locking his band teacher up in the band closet because he had bad breath.
-Burning down the neighbors barn one Sunday afternoon with his buddy trying to smoke some long, dried up weeds.
-And accidentally freezing his tongue to the metal gate on the farm.

We were so surprised to find out that the house he grew up in was still standing. It has been in ruins for years and we were convinced it was torn down. But no, living proof still stands of the tiny two bedroom home. Nolan was shocked by how humble and small the place was, and how tiny the town is.

Believe it or not, but Nolan and I really enjoyed ourselves on this little adventure. It was so cool to hear all these stories about my dad growing up and actually seeing everything. And for me, there were horses involved, and anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for animals.

This also actually shows the before mentioned gate in which my dad froze his tongue. :)


Mikey said...

Ok. Hi. Pretty sure my mom also grew up in Bancroft. Strange.

maremee said...

I love trips down memory lane. I miss you. We need to get together very soon.

Kelsey and Riley said...

well thats just fun. cant believe we havent seen each other since christmas break. time is flying by and we miss you guys terribly. please come home soon :)