Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 2 year anniversary! And how are we celebrating you might ask?

By spending the entire day on campus studying for our finals. Yeah, we're pretty wild.


Kelsey and Riley said...

happy 2 years! i can't believe it's been that long already! holy smokes. time flies. this is so exciting. you'll have to do something extra special to celebrate when school is all done. love you guys!

Ed Garrity said...

A & N, Enjoy your blogs. I suppose it is better than letters and a lot faster. Two years.........two years ago we went to the zoo and got rained on. Hope you two are having a great time working on marriage and school and work. Wasn't any fun for me!! Seemed like everyone but me had a car. What is your plan for this summer? If you graduate this year, will you be at USU next year or off to another school? Hopefully these will be the years you look back at and laugh about. Hockey, school, and Pita Pit. I guess that can be interesting and exciting. Are you by chance going to be in Oregon for Xmas? We will be sure to get to see you here. Going to be here trying to recover from dental care and hearing aids created financial disaster. Judi and I are having fun with her art work and our dog Dylan. Judi teaches art to about 5 students and has a blast. I think of Amber and her shoplifters and think of the Parole & Probation work I did. (Get them while they are young and might change.) Remarkable who some of the 'crooks' are, so often from families where they were taught better. I am interested in who you read about Psychology these days and how it falls within or without your value systems. Do you find you both agree a lot about what you are taught or are you different in your concepts? Really like to hear about it if you feel like talking. Keep on trucking!
love you,