Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas in February

I know it's really late to be posting about Christmas but what can I say, Nolan and I are professional procrastinators. Nolan and I were excited to finally spend a Christmas in Portland with his family. It was a much needed break and it worked out perfectly. We were there for a week and did a lot of exciting things, like go shopping downtown, games with the family, a visit to the Nike Headquarters Employee store, and visited VooDoo Doughnuts. Nolan and I saw an episode of Man vs. Food that featured VooDoo Doughnuts so of course we had to check it out since it was famous enough to be on TV!VooDoo doughnuts is famous for their original voodoo doughnut with raspberry filling and a pretzel stick. It was delicious. And of course only in Portland would you find a place like this. They also offered other "specialty doughnuts" which we have a funny story about that but probably not appropriate for my 'PG' rated blogger audience.

But of course Christmas itself was great. We had great food, great conversations, and made great memories (I feel like I should stitch that on a pillow). I officially participated in my first Christmas tree cutting experience. The Garrity's were shocked that I had been deprived my whole life from cutting down our own Christmas tree. I definitely think it was worth it. Real trees do look much better and it's a fun tradition.It was also a treat to have the twins there with us. They served as constant entertainment which made it that much more enjoyable.Rowan really loved the swiffer, as well as a giant cardboard box, and break dancing on the kitchen floor. I loved Keegan's comment about putting Rowan to good use and buy him a metal detector.
We were sad to go. Christmas break is never long enough but we were glad we were at least able to be there.
On another note we came home and spent some time with my mom who had been in the hospital. She seems to be making a good recovery, even though she would say she isn't. We are so happy that she's doing well and so thankful especially around this time of year for our family.This picture was technically meant to send to Sawyer on his mission, but I think it applies to everyone.
Oh and I just thought this picture was funny. This is us getting lost on one of our many adventures in Portland.


Kelsey and Riley said...

love to see a blog post from ya and so glad you guys were able to get away and have such a wonderful christmas. p.s. glad you figured out the template designer :) it looks fab!

Julie said...

sounds like a jolly holiday!