Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HEY! Remember us?!

We're back! Over the last several months we've been far too busy to do anything blog worthy. But good news, our last semester is almost over. Nolan and I only have a few finals left and then we get to figure out what to do with our lives. Trust me, I'm not looking forward to making that decision.

Our anniversary this year fell in the middle of finals week again. Boo. Honestly though, Nolan and I were so busy and had so much other stuff on our mind that we didn't even really remember till my parents reminded us about their anniversary (which happens to be the day before ours). Because times were so hectic we didn't expect anything from each other and we didn't even feel bad about it. The morning of our anniversary I had my first final bright and early and when I finally got home from it I found some flowers, our picnic blanket, and a cooler full of food ready to go. Despite us being so busy and deciding not to do anything, Nolan snuck away during my final and packed us up an afternoon picnic. It was perfect. It just so happened to be the first sunny and relatively warm day we've had in Logan in months!

We love going to first dam and feeding the ducks and geese. I think they're getting spoiled and picky because this time they were not digging our chips. Usually they will eat out of the palm of your hand.
Not sure what I was laughing about but at least you can see how beautiful the day was! We were so lucky too, because now its pouring outside.

Nolan and I will be graduating on Saturday. Both our parents are coming to support and we're excited to get to spend time with them. As to what we are doing next, we have no idea. Wish us luck!

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Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! I am glad you snuck in a celebration..and hey from now on it won't be in finals week right!? You're a gooood lookin couple :)