Saturday, September 22, 2012

Six Months

Mila just turned 6 months old! Holy cow where did the time go? We are so bad at updating and taking pictures so we have a lot of ground to cover. Mila is a pretty big baby, but I guess we knew she would be from the beginning. She actually isn't fat just really really long. Off the charts in fact. Here are some of the things she does now:

  • She knows her dad is for playing and mom is for comforting
  • Can sit on her own, with a toy entertaining of course
  • Eats solids like a champ and starting to learn how to feed herself puffs 
  • Prefers to always be standing 
  • Loves walking around while holding mom and dad's hands
  • Can stomp her feet on command
  • Babbles and blows bubbles like there's no tomorrow. Seriously sometimes her babbles get annoying...
  • Favorite toys? None specifically... unless you count soda cans... LOVES soda cans :/
  • Likes tummy time
  • Narcissistic, loves seeing her reflection
  • Can give bashful smiles and flirts
  • Loves her 3 little pigs book and Brown Bear Brown Bear. Both can get her to stop crying in a heartbeat 
  • Can spot an electronic device (cell phones especially) across the room
  • Loves being splashed in the face with water
  • Likes her Dutch lessons with Oma- mostly singing Dutch Christmas songs
  • Sleeps pretty well at night (fingers crossed)
  • Been swimming a few times and LOVES it. Loves baths too, but hates getting out. 
  • Goes crazy when we put her in her crib to play. She learned the mattress can bounce so she kicks and rolls and squeals
  • She knows mom & dad can see her through her camera baby monitor and knows to look up at it and smile, flirt and put on the charm for mom & dad to come get her 
  • Loves trees, babbles and coo's whenever she is under one 
  • Gets sad when she see's another baby crying. Does her perfect little pouty frown.
  • Loves being outside
She's just starting to grow some hair, but she'll still be bald for a while. She's a really happy baby and pretty well behaved, rarely gets cranky. We are so lucky and love her so much. 

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Kelsey M. said...

i cannot believe she is 6 months old. she is such a cutie! i wish we got to see more of her. and you guys too, of course. :) love ya and loved the update!