Thursday, December 20, 2012

9 Month Mila

Mila is now 9 months old. Holy cow we are so close to the year mark. She is growing crazy fast as always. At her doctor's visit her numbers/stats were off the charts as usual. The dr said that her stats are above average for even an 1 year old. No surprise there. She's huge. Felt kind of good being validated for being exhausted carrying around such a huge kid. She is 21.5 lbs, 30.5" long, and her head is huge too.

What she is up to now:
  • Crawling since 7 months. Now its more like a bear crawl on her feet. 
  • Pulls her self up on anything she can and can walk with the support of furniture
  • Seems to prefer crawling over walking while holding mom or dad's hands
  • Got her first tooth on her grandma's birthday (same day as election) at 7.5 months old
  • 6 teeth in 7 weeks and we are working on 2 more. The teeth don't stop coming!
  • Can crawl all the way up our flight of stairs, with mom and dad right there of course. 
  • Is so happy all the time. Gives giant cheesy, teethy grins for the slightest thing
  • Will crawl after mom & dad when we leave the room. Which is so nice, because now I don't have to carry her around the house I just have to tell her to follow me. 
  • Loves peek-a-boo and she loves uncovering your face herself
  • Favorite part of the day: When dad walks through the door. Never hear her squeal louder and crawl more frantically
  • Understands "NO" and definitely tries to test her boundaries 
  • Such a good eater. Eats almost everything but doesn't seem to like applesauce or apple juice.. weird..
  • So good at eating crackers. It cracks us up when we hear her bite down on a cracker with her little teeth
She is becoming more and more fun everyday. We love her and are excited for the holidays and get to share her with our family.

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Kelsey M. said...

what the heck, how is she already 9 months? can't believe it. she's the cutest! she'll be walking before you know it, watch out!